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As a member of the Research Team "El Puente," Marcos Scauso received two grants from the National Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology of Argentina and the National University of Argentina, Villa María. With this funding, Marcos Scauso directed and produced two social documentaries: “Pan y Tizas, La educación en decadencia” and “Swallows… a necessary flight” (Available below). The documentaries were premiered in Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, and Colombia. These presentations also included debates and open discussions (2004-2009).

Swallows... A Necessary Flight.



- Marcos Scauso

- Rebeca Cena

- Lucrecia Brunis

El Puente Research Group.


Marcos S. Scauso


Political Science: International Relations​ and Political Theory

Pan y Tizas, La Educación en Decadencia. 



- Marcos Scauso

- Eugenia Fiorenza

- Lucas Vizueta

El Puente Research Group.​​